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A Few Words About This Website

The website was set up to show anyone with a critical thinking mind that everything that the governments around the world have been telling you about Covid-19 is a lie.

There is another agenda taking place and they are using Covid-19 as a smokescreen to advance this agenda.


For the first time in human history every country has locked down its population in response to a virus (Covid-19).  People have been told they cannot see their friends, family, cannot attend a funeral, cannot have a birthday party for their children, and cannot travel as well as being told you must close your business, gym, shop, restaurant, and bar.  No spectators are allowed in any sporting event or concert.  In fact, any activity that bring some type of happiness to people has been stopped and we have been told that you can only go to work (unless your place of work is closed), do your weekly food shopping and then go home.  As well as all these restrictions we have been told we need to wear masks almost everywhere to stop the spread of a virus.

This might be ok if we only had to put up with these restrictions and lockdowns for a month or two but as of writing it is now one year since governments put us into lockdowns in March 2020 and there is no end in sight to when these lockdowns and restrictions will end.

We are told that this is all for the benefit of humanity, to keep us safe, to save lives.  But is it?  Surely even the most hardened pro-lockdowner must have a small notion that there is another agenda taking place here.

There is definitely a massive deception taking place and after 11 months of research into Covid-19 I have found that the two main deceptions lie in the PCR testing and the Covid death statistics.  There are now huge amounts of evidence that the PCR test does not even detect if a person as what they call Covid-19.  The Covid death figures have been massively exaggerated by labelling anyone (mainly those over 70) who has died of heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s and the flu as being a covid death.  Professor John Ioannadis has stated that Covid is no worse than the flu.  It is only the media and government’s fearmongering that has made it seem more deadly than it really is.

This has one consequence which strikes fear into the population which then enables governments to lockdown whole countries and cities.  It is fact that all of the scientific evidence suggests that lockdowns, mask wearing, and social distancing do not work.  It is a psychological experiment to get the population to accept the covid vaccine passport (health passports) for any human activity and this is required by the globalists to lead us into the Great Reset and Agenda-30 and they are using the deception of a virus to take us there.

Klaus Schwab is the leader of the World Economic Forum and author of the book Covid-19 and the Great Reset and he has said ‘people will not be getting their normal life back’.

Bill Gates said way back in March 2020 that we can’t return to normal life until the world’s population has been vaccinated.  Who are these guy’s, we did not vote for them but they are directing this agenda from behind the scenes and leading us to our own doom and slavery.  They will rob any future normal life from our children and our children’s children if we acquiesce and let them.

Western governments are purposely destroying people’s lives for the International elite bankers who want to transform society using the Covid-19 Plandemic to lead us to the Great Reset, Agenda 30, Digital ID's and Vaccine Passports.  To enable governments to get away with bamboozling the people with Covid fear and locking down whole countries they have used lies and fear based psychological manipulation.  

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