What Pandemic? - Covid-19 Statistics

If there was a real Pandemic in every country their would be a massive increase in deaths and funerals but according to the statistics that is just not happening.  What is happening is we have a PCR testing epidemic, where healthy people with no symptoms are told they have a positive PCR test and they must self-isolate, it is a case-epidemic, not a pandemic.  It is plain to see there is another agenda taking place and getting us all to take the covid vaccine is part of that agenda.  But they have to frighten the populations first to get them to take it.

In the U.K we where told to lockdown so that we don't overburden the NHS.  Every winter the NHS is always overburdened.

NHS always overwhelmed.jpg

In the U.K how come the deaths rates where higher than 2020 in 5 of the years below.  Was there a pandemic in 1999 for instance?

ONS deaths all years.jpg
ONS deaths all years2.jpg
UK deaths per million.JPG


We can see below that more NHS beds where occupied in the last few weeks of 2019 than they where in the last few weeks of 2020.  Wait a minute I thought we were still in a pandemic in the last few weeks of 2020?

NHS beds.jpg
NHS Bed Occupancy.JPG

Look at the graph below were it says covid-19 is mentioned on their death certificate.  That does not mean that the person died of Covid.  It is like stating a person died of cancer but they also had the flu.  Why did 10 million children have their education severely disrupted for one year when they did not die from covid and were not hospitalised by covid?

Covid Deaths UK.jpg

Clearly the Flu was rebranded as Covid.  Every Flu death was put down as a Covid death.

Flu numbers.JPG

In Swansea in Wales why was there less funerals and cremations in 2020 than in previous years if we where in the middle of a deadly pandemic?  Simply we where not it was all a lie.  It was the illusion of a pandemic

Swansea funerals.jpg

Again if it was a deadly pandemic why was the total number of deaths in Scottish hospitals less than previous year?

Scottish Hospitals2.jpg

Why was Scotland locked down, businesses, schools forced to close if only 47 people died from Covid?

Scotland covid deaths stats.jpg

In Ireland why was the deaths in 2020 the same as 2017 and 2018 if there was a deadly pandemic?

Ireland stats.png

Again these are the admissions and days cases in a Derry (Ireland) hospital for the last 4 years and you can plainly see that there was less admissions and cases in 2020 than the previous years.  Where is this coronavirus pandemic that the media keep telling us about constantly?

Derry stats.JPG

Let's look at the death stats from a few other countries around the world in 2020 compared to previous years.  It will be hard to believe that 2020 was the year of a deadly pandemic.

usa all cause deaths.jpg
USA chances of death.jpg
sweden deaths 2.jpg

The death stats below are from Spain.

Spain deaths.jpg

The death stats below are from Germany and you can see no more deaths in 2020 than previous years. 

German Deaths.jpg

As you can see below in Belarus it was a casedemic.  Many covid tests but hardly any deaths and Belarus did not lockdown.


The graph below covers the deaths in all Scandinavian countries and you can see there was not more deaths in 2020.  What Pandemic?

Scandanavian countries deaths.jpg
Disease deaths per day.JPG
Staged Pandemic.jpg