Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned

Medical Doctors Declare That the Pandemic Was Planned

A group of over 500 medical doctors in Germany called ‘Doctors for Information’ made a shocking statement during a national press conference:

‘The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’


This large group of medical experts publishes a medical newspaper on 500,000 copies every week, to inform the public about the massive misinformation in the mainstream media.  

Why do these 500+ medical doctors say the pandemic is a global crime?

What do they know, that we don’t?

They also organize mass protests in Europe, like the one on August 29, 2020 where 12 million people signed up and several millions actually showed up.

Below some of the many protests against the “plandemic” that you will not see in the mainstream media.

In May 2021 nearly one million people marched in London in protest against the lockdowns, covid vaccines, vaccine passports and the removing of their freedoms but the mainstream news media refused to cover it. You can bet that if a few thousand marched in London for Black Lives Matter it would be on every news channel, but 1 million marching to have there basic freedoms restored is not covered.

london march aug2020.jpg

In Spain a group of 600 medical doctors called ‘Doctors for Truth’, made a similar statement during a press conference.

‘Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse. We urge doctors, the media and political authorities to stop this criminal operation, by spreading the truth.’


In a context of great excitement and worldwide expectation, the Doctors for Truth Association was presented at a press conference on Saturday, July 25 2020 in Madrid.

The group, led by doctors Natalia Prego Cancelo and Angel Luis Valdepeñas, made a direct connection with the extra-parliamentary commission of doctors from Germany, the Epidemiologists group from Argentina, and doctors from the United States and Argentina.

“This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse,” was stressed at the end of the meeting. Doctors agreed that:

  • Coronavirus victims did not outnumber last year’s seasonal flu deaths.

  • Figures were exaggerated by altering medical protocols.

  • The confinement of the healthy and the forced use of masks have no scientific basis.

  • The disease known as Covid-19 does not have a single infectious pattern, but a combination of them.




World Doctors Alliance: 'Greatest Crime in History'

The 'Doctors for Information' and 'Doctors for Truth' have joined forces with similar groups of practitioners around the world, in the 'World Doctor's Alliance'. This historic alliance connects more than one hundred thousand medical professionals around the world. They reveal how the pandemic is the greatest crime in history, and offer solid scientific evidence for this claim. They also take legal actions against governments who are playing along in this criminal operation.

640 Doctors Claim that “COVID-19 is a Global Scam”


“So we as medical doctors we have serious doubts that the official story with COVID 19 is true. In fact, we have a lot of evidences that it is a fake story all over the world. And to speak with all my medical colleagues, we see the evidence and we see it obviously, and we have a message: we do not need to be or to have anxiety about COVID19 because this is not different to normal seasonal flu that we have every year.  So that’s now the question, if we have the medical evidence that this is a scam, that this is not true, simply not true, we need to ask ourselves, why, why and why? OK? And we need to ask ourselves, who’s going to profit out of this?” - Dr. Heiko Schoning


Another group of doctor’s joined together and formed the world doctor’s alliance (https://worlddoctorsalliance.com) to combat the lies and fraud spewed out by the mainstream media and government.  The members of the alliance include, Dr. Mohammad Adil, Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr. R. Zac Cox, Bds, Dr. Heiko Schöning, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D and Dr. Scott Jensen, M.D.

On their website they state the following points:

“We were told initially that the premise for lockdown was to 'flatten the curve' and therefore protect the NHS from being overwhelmed.  It is clear that at no point was the National Health Service (NHS) in any danger of being overwhelmed, and since May 2020 covid wards have been largely empty; and crucially the death toll from covid has remained extremely low.  We now have hundreds of thousands of so-called 'cases', 'infections' and 'positive tests' but hardly any sick people”.

Similarly, the World Freedom Alliance was formed, a network of attorneys, medical experts, politicians, bankers, and many other professionals who are working together to expose the 'Covid Crime', and who are starting to build a new world of freedom. They want to make sure these kinds of worldwide scams, that destroy millions of lives, can never occur again.

Germany and Spain are just two examples. Similar large groups of hundreds of medical experts exist in countries across the world.  The Great Barrington Declaration and the Belgian doctors are other examples.

In the USA a documentary called PLANDEMIC, which exposes COVID-19 as a criminal operation, is supported by over 27,000 medical doctors!

Why are these thousands of medical professionals worldwide saying the pandemic is a crime?

What information do they have access to, that we are not getting from the mainstream media?

I invite you to look at the following facts with an open mind and then come to your own conclusions…

In 2015 a ‘System and Method for Testing for COVID-19’ was patented by Richard Rothschild, with a Dutch government organisation.

Did you catch that? In 2015 – four years before the disease even existed – a testing method for COVID-19 was developed.

Rothschild Covid test patent 2015.jpg



Let this sink in for a second: literally hundreds of millions of COVID-19 test kits were exported and imported, all over the world, during 2017 and 2018.

As we know the new COVID-19 disease appeared in China towards the end of 2019.

Therefore, it was named COVID-19 which is an acronym for Corona Virus Disease 2019.  It could also be Certificate Of Vaccination I.D 19


Data from the World Integrated Trade Solution, however, shows something astonishing: “in 2017 and 2018 – two years before COVID-19 – hundreds of millions of test kits for COVID-19 were distributed worldwide.”

This baffling data was discovered by someone on September 5, 2020, who posted it on social media. The next day it went viral all over the world.

On September 6 the WITS suddenly changed the original designation ‘COVID-19’ into the vague ‘Medical Test Kits’.

This is not allowed in trade, because you always have to be specific.

There are many types of test kits for different diseases.

The fact that they removed the specification ‘COVID-19’, after this data became known worldwide, proves that they don’t want anyone to know about it.

They however forgot to delete one detail: the product code for these

‘Medical Test Kits’ is 300215 which means: ‘COVID-19 Test Kits’.

Covid test kits.jpg

Their cover up came too late: this critical information was uncovered and is being revealed by millions worldwide. You can download a PDF that shows the original data of this website: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/2017-covid19-testkits.pdf

It can also be seen on the webarchive.


Two years before the outbreak of COVID-19 the USA, the EU, China and nations around the world started exporting millions of diagnostic test instruments for COVID-19, a disease that supposedly didn’t even exist back then.

The argument used to deny this discovery, is that the label 'COVID'19' was only added in 2020. That however doesn't hold up, since the very product code for these test kits is 'COVID-19 Test Kit.

It also doesn't change the fact that two years before the pandemic suddenly virtually every nation in the world started distributing hundreds of millions of medical test kits, that are specifically used for COVID-19.

Even without the label COVID-19 it is extremely uncommon and strange, that the entire world suddenly imported and exported literally hundreds of millions of Medical Test Kits.

What did they know? What were they preparing for?

The World Bank shows that COVID-19 is a project that is planned to continue until…end of March 2025! So the intention is to continue it for another FIVE YEARS.


Anthony Fauci Guaranteed a Pandemic Within the Next Two Years

In 2017 Anthony Fauci made a very strange prediction, with an even stranger certainty.

With complete confidence Fauci announced that during the first term of

President Trump a surprise outbreak of an infectious disease would surely happen.

Here’s what he said:

“There is NO QUESTION there is going to be a challenge for the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases.

“There will be a SURPRISE OUTBREAK. There’s NO DOUBT in anyones mind about this.”


How could Fauci guarantee a surprise outbreak to happen during the first term of the Trump administration? What did he know, that we don’t?

Fauci can be heard stating this in the video below:



Bill and Melinda Gates Guaranteed an Imminent Global Pandemic

In 2018 Bill Gates publicly announced that a global pandemic was on it’s way that could wipe out 30 million people. He said this would probably happen during the next decade.

Melinda Gates added that an engineered virus is humanities greatest threat and also assured this would hit humanity in the coming years.

‘A global pandemic is ON IT’S WAY. An ENGINEERED VIRUS is humanities greatest threat.

This will happen in the NEXT DECADE.’ – BILL GATES, in 2018

Let their choice of words resound into your mind for a moment…


They claim that the dense population of the world guarantees this imminent global pandemic.

But let’s be honest: most of the earth is uninhabited. Just fly over America in an airplane and look out the window. You see empty space most of the time, with a few cities here and there. Most of the United States is still wide open and empty.

The same goes for the rest of the world.

Australia, Russia, India, China, America, Africa… it’s wilderness for the most part.


Our planet isn’t nearly as populated as Bill Gates wants us to believe. This world map shows it clearly…

Most of the earth is totally void of any human presence. So the idea that the world is vastly overpopulated and is therefore bound to give rise to an imminent global pandemic is a lie.

[The powers that shouldn’t be also use this excuse to justify a reduction in the world’s population – i.e. depopulation.]

The Gates also claimed that air travel was sure to create a global pandemic.

But countless people have been traveling in airplanes the past century.

Did that give rise to constant outbreaks of global pandemics? Of course not!

Their arguments why they guaranteed a global pandemic in the next few years are lies.

So what is their real basis to make such guaranteed predictions?


Practicing for A Pandemic

Bill Gates is the world’s number one vaccine dealer, who has doubled his fortune of 50 billion dollars to over 100 billion, simply by dealing vaccines all over the world. He said this has been his 'best business investment' ever. A few months before the outbreak, Bill Gates organized an event in New York City, called Event 201. Guess what the event was all about? It was a ‘coronavirus pandemic exercise’.



Yes, you read that right: Bill Gates organized a coronavirus pandemic exercise, right before the coronavirus pandemic happened!

Shortly after this ‘exercise for a coronavirus pandemic’ Bill Gates tweeted:

“I’m particularly excited about what the next year could mean for one of the best buys in global health: vaccines.” – Bill Gates, Dec. 19, 2019

Gates twitter.gif

Think about this: the world’s No. 1 vaccine dealer guarantees a global pandemic to occur in the next few years, and his wife said we should all fear an engineered virus that is ‘on its way’. Then they organize an exercise for an imminent global pandemic and say vaccines will be the only solution. Next Bill Gates tweets how excited he is about selling vaccines in the next year. Immediately after that, the announced pandemic breaks out.

Indeed, right away Bill Gates proclaims that the only solution for humanity is to buy his vaccines…


Researcher Spiro show you a bit more about Event201 in the link below:



The next bit of information is particularly interesting because it shows how much information is available, for those who dare to do research. Back in 2013 a musical artist with the peculiar name of Dr Creep wrote a rap song called PANDEMIC. Nothing special about that, were it not that one of his lyrics reads:

'2020 combined with CoronaVirus, bodies stacking.'

How is it possible that an unknown musician could accurately predict a coronavirus pandemic to occur seven years later?

The song also predicted the riots that raged throughout America, during this pandemic:

'The State is rioting, using the street outside. It’s coming to your windows.'

Again: how could a shady artist know back in 2013 that in 2020 a coronavirus would sweep the earth, followed by mass rioting? His answer is interesting:

“I did research back in 2012, and read the so called “conspiracy theories”. You know, those investigations the media doesn’t want us to look into. According to those theories pandemics were bound to happen in the decade of 2020 - 2030. So I wrote the song Pandemic about it.’

Get it? This man did research into what is commonly referred to as 'conspiracy theories'. Stuff we are programmed to disregard as 'nonsense'. But apparently those investigations aren't always so stupid after all, since they accurately predicted that exactly in 2020 this pandemic and the riots would happen.


Global Preparedness Monitoring Board in Sept. 2019:

‘Get Ready for A Global Coronavirus Pandemic’

In September 2019 – also right before the outbreak – the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board released a report titled ‘A World at Risk’.

It stressed the need to be prepared for… a coronavirus outbreak!

On the cover of the report is the picture of a coronavirus and people wearing face masks.


In the report we read the following interesting paragraph:

‘The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.’

China pandemic.jpg

In 2018 The Institute for Disease Modelling made a video in which they show a flu virus - which is a coronavirus - originating in China, from the area of Wuhan, and spreading all over the world, killing millions. They called it ‘A Simulation for A Global Flu Pandemic.’ That is exactly what happened, two years later.

Why did they say it would come from China? Why not Africa, where far more diseases are present? Or why not South America? Or India? How could they know there would be a flu virus coming from China and even show Wuhan as the originating area, that would infect the whole world?

Where did the virus come from? One of the world's leading experts in bioweapons is Dr. Francis Boyle. He is convinced it originated from a bioweapon lab in Wuhan, the Bio Safety Lab Level 4.

This facility is specialized in the development of... coronaviruses!

They take existing viruses and 'weaponize' them, meaning they make them far more dangerous, to be used as a biological weapon.



Professor Francis A. Boyle joins The Alex Jones Show to break down his analysis of the coronavirus as a bioweapon:



Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist (MD, PhD) fled the country, left her job at a prestigious Hong Kong university and became a whistleblower. She appeared on British television where she claimed SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, was created by Chinese scientists in a lab – and she offered evidence to support her claims. 

You can read more on the subject here: https://humansarefree.com/2020/09/rogue-chinese-virologist-publishes-smoking-gun-evidence-covid-19-created-in-lab.html


In 2015 Anthony Fauci gave this very lab 3,7 million dollars.

Figure this: the same man who guaranteed a surprise outbreak of a virus in the next two years, gave almost 4 million dollars to a lab that develops coronaviruses.


Predictive programming is the process of informing the population about events that are soon to occur. The past years several movies and television series were produced, about… a global coronavirus pandemic!

The film ‘Dead Plague’ depicts a global pandemic with a coronavirus and even mentions hydroxychloroquine as the cure. 

Another film called ’Contagion’ shows how a coronavirus spreads globally with social distancing, face masks, lock-downs, washing of hands etc. as a result.

Literally everything we see now, is predicted in detail in these movies.

infected-comc-book-european-union (1).jp

In 2012 a strange comic book was produced by the European Union, for distribution among their employees only. The title of the comic is 'INFECTED' and it shows a new virus originating in a Chinese lab and spreading across the world. The solution for this pandemic is outlined in the comic book: globalists enforce one global health plan. This means:

‘No more medical freedom, but medical tyranny by globalist entities’

That is the message of this comic book, published to the employees of the European Union. One of the quotes of the comic book reads:

'The safety measures that followed made our existence totally unbearable.'

comic book.jpg


Pandemic Depicted During Olympics Games in 2012


Talking about predictive programming: during the opening show of the Summer Olympics in 2012 in London, a coronavirus pandemic was played out for the eyes of the whole world.

Dozens of hospital beds, large numbers of nurses becoming puppets of a controlling system, death lurking about, a demonic giant rising up over the world, and the whole theatre was lit up in such a way that seen from the sky it looked like a coronavirus.


Why did the Olympic Games show a coronavirus pandemic, in their opening show?

2012 Covid Olympics.jpg

Come on it even had Boris Johnson (when he was mayor of London) in bed sick with a virus in the 2012 Olympics.  If you didn’t know the U.K government said Boris Johnson had Covid-19 and had to go to Hospital and self-isolate in April\May 2020.

Occult symbolism surrounding COVID-19


Worldwide Lockdown Predicted In 2008

The author and investigator Robin de Ruiter predicted in 2008 that there would come a global lockdown.  He said the purpose of this would be to create a new world of authoritarian control.

corona book.jpg

Because much of what he wrote back in 2008 is now happening right in front of our eyes, this book has been republished.

Journalist predicted planned pandemic

In 2014 the investigative journalist Harry Vox predicted a planned global pandemic and said why the ‘ruling class’ would do such thing:

'They will stop at nothing to complete their toolkit of control. One of the things that had been missing from their toolkit is quarantines and curfews. The plan is to get hundreds of thousands of people infected with it and create the next phase of control.'

The Harry Vox video can be seen below.

Scenario for The Future’


This renown researcher refers to a famous document by the Rockefeller Foundation in which everything we see happening now is literally predicted in great detail: the global pandemic, the lock-downs, the collapse of the economy and the imposing of authoritarian control.

It’s all described with terrifying accuracy… ten years before it happened!


The document is titled ‘Scenario for the Future of Technology and International Development’.


That says it all: a scenario for the future. It has a chapter called ‘LockStep’ in which a global pandemic is reported as if it happened in the past, but which is clearly intended as a rehearsal for the future.

Rockefeller Foundation’s Operation Lockstep:

 ‘Under The Guise of A Pandemic, We Will Create A Prison State’



The ‘Scenario for the Future’ continues with comparing two different responses to their predicted pandemic: the USA only ‘strongly discouraged’ people from flying, while China enforced mandatory quarantine for all citizens.

The first response is accused of spreading the virus even more, while the imposing of a suffocating lock-down is praised. Then it goes on to describe the implementation of totalitarian control:

“During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets.”


Clearly the flexing of authority is the desired response.

But it gets worse, according to this ‘Scenario of the Future’:

‘Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.’ ‘In developed countries, this heightened oversight took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, for example, and tighter regulation of key industries whose stability was deemed vital to national interests.’


Handbook for Global Control

Now that the announced pandemic is indeed here, the same Rockefeller Foundation came forward with step two: a handbook on how to implement new control systems during this pandemic. Only when all the required control networks are in place, can the world open up again.

rockefeller book2.jpg

Below Dutch Minister Thierry Baudet on Rockefeller foundation’s plan









When you combine the two Rockefeller documents, you see the plan:

1) First they announce a global pandemic with a coronavirus and say what it should lead to: a whole new level of authoritarian control.

2) Secondly they give practical steps on how to apply this control system.


These are illustrations and quotes from their guide:

'Digital apps and privacy-protected tracking software should be widely used to enable more complete contact tracking.'

'In order to fully control the Covid-19 epidemic, we need to test the majority of the population on a weekly basis.'








According to their 'Scenario of the future' the entire world population should get a digital ID that indicates who has received all the vaccines. Without sufficient vaccinations, access to schools, concerts, churches, public transport etc. will be denied.

Now in 2020 that is exactly what Bill Gates and many governments are calling for.

Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal with Democratic Congressman Sponsor Of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

The shocking revelations were unveiled on the Thomas Paine Podcast and the Moore Paine Show on Patreon by the two investigators.

Nine months after the meetings with the Gates Foundation in Rwanda — Bobby L. Rush, a Democrat from Illinois, introduced the $100 BILLION H.R. 6666,  the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.



Everyone’s Contacts Must Be Checked

In a leaked government video we see a conversation between former American president Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo, the governor of the state of New York.

They discuss how to set up a large control system to test the entire population and check all their contacts. They discuss how to build an army to carry out this control system.

Bill Gates also made it clear that only people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19   should be allowed to travel, go to school, attend meetings and work.


Digital vaccine ID’s are already being developed and Gates has a patent on the technology that makes it possible to trace an individual’s body anywhere. This technology is called WO2020-060606










Also very interesting to note: An Enzyme Called LUCIFERASE Is What Makes Bill Gates Implantable Vaccine Work

In addition, Gates wants to set up a global monitoring network, which will track everyone who came into contact with Covid-19.


Big Tech and Big Pharma want to connect all of us to global networks that can surveill us 24/7, and... decide whether we can move freely or not. With that in mind, one particular invention from 2015 becomes intriguing.

In 2015 Richard Rothschild invented a 'Method for Testing for COVID-19'. The method consists of sending our personal health information to 'the cloud', which is controlled by Big Tech.

Rothschild patent.jpg

Richard Rothschild is not a medical professional, but a lawyer. Why does a lawyer want to create a method to detect viruses? We find the answer by looking at his other invention. He developed a system where people are being filmed to collect detailed information about their face, bodies, movements, etc.

This video data is then combined with other personal information, and sent to the cloud, where it is connected to artificial intelligence.  If all our personal medical data is 'in the cloud', it can be used by the authorities to surveil and control us.

The Plan: Inject Mankind with DNA Altering Vaccine

The famous investigative journalist Anthony Patch did years of research concerning the plans to control the world, by means of created pandemics and mandatory vaccines. During an interview in 2014 this researcher predicted the following:

‘They will release a man-made coronavirus. As a result the people will demand a vaccine to protect them. This vaccine will add a third strain of DNA to a person’s body, essentially making them a hybrid.  Once a person is injected, almost immediately their DNA undergoes a transformation. This genetic change will cause people to lose the ability to think for themselves, without them even being aware this happened. Thus they can be controlled easier, to become slaves for the elite.'

Of course that sounds insane and it is insane indeed. Yet we have to be aware that this professional investigator is no fool. He has done years of research and this is what he discovered over the years.


Doctor Carrie Madej directed two clinics in Georgia and studied DNA and vaccines for the past twenty years. She made an urgent video in which she warns that there is a plan to inject humanity with very dangerous vaccines for Covid-19. The purpose of these new vaccines will be twofold:

1) reprogram our DNA and make us hybrids that are easier to control.

2) connect us to artificial intelligence through a digital vaccine ID, which will also open a whole new realm of control.


This medical expert says she has observed multiple times how diseases were spread over populations by air craft. Because of safety reasons she is not able to share more details about this in public.

Depopulate The Earth by Means of Organized Epidemics

Dr. John Coleman is a famous Intelligence Officer from the CIA who wrote a book titled ‘The Committee of 300‘.


In it he explains how secret societies manipulate governments, health care, food industries, the media and so on. This book can be found on the website of the CIA.

One of the primary goals of the many secret societies, that control governments and the media, is to depopulate the earth.


The de-population agenda was written about by John Coleman in his book ‘The Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Committee of 300’.  The ‘300’ being a secret elite cabal that runs the world from behind the scenes and controls groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group.

Dr. John Coleman was a MI6 British Intelligence agent who wrote 12 books exposing the New World Order. In his book, Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, Dr. Coleman explains the methods and mechanisms used by the Elite to control and socially engineer populations.

Below is an excerpt from his book that was written in 1997.

“Industry will be phased out and nuclear powered energy systems shut down. Only the Committee of 300 members and their elitists shall have the right to any of the earth’s resources. Agriculture shall be solely in the hands of the Committee of 300, with food production strictly controlled. As these measures begin to take effect, large populations in the cities shall be forcibly removed to remote areas, and those who refuse to go shall be exterminated in the manner of the One World Government experiment carried out by Pol Pot in Cambodia. Euthanasia for the terminally ill and the aged shall be compulsory. Populations of cities shall not be larger than a predetermined number, as described in the writings of Richard Coudenhove Kalgeri. Essential workers will be moved to other cities, if the one they are in becomes overpopulated. Other non-essential workers will be chosen at random and sent to under populated cities to fill “quotas.” At least four billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars and organized epidemics of fatal rapid acting pandemics and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then be applied to other races.  The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States, will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, chosen because they are people who have been regimented for centuries, and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question, and are generally regarded as submissive to authority. From time to time there shall be artificially contrived food and water shortages and medical care, to remind the masses that their very existence depends on the goodwill of the Committee of 300. There shall be no cash or coinage in the hands of the non-elite. All transactions shall be carried out by means of a debit card, which shall bear the identification ID number of the holder. Any person who in any way infringes upon the rules and regulations of the Committee of 300, shall have the use of his or her card suspended for varying periods according to the nature and severity of the infringement. Such persons will find that when they go to make purchases, their card is blacklisted and they will not be able to obtain services of any kind. Attempts to trade “old” coins, that is to say, silver coins of previous and now defunct nations, shall be treated as a capital crime, subject to the death penalty. All such coinage shall be required to be surrendered within a given time, along with handguns, rifles, explosives and automobiles. Only the elite and One World government high ranking functionaries will be allowed private transport, weapons, coinage and automobiles”. - Dr. John Coleman from his book ‘The Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Committee of 300’.


You can find a list of 32 ‘elites’ who support and promote (according to their own claims) depopulation here:



Dr. Coleman says the following about their strategy:

‘At least 4 billion useless eaters shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars and organized epidemics of fatal rapid acting diseases…’


Nearly everything Dr. Coleman writes about here is tied in with the Climate Change agenda, Agenda30 and the Great Reset.

Hyper-immune response in test animals for previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines, like SARS and MERS, has been a persistent problem. All is well for a while, until the animals are exposed to the wild mutated virus. Dr. Tenpenny and other scientists have forecast that millions may die, and it will be blamed on a new strain of COVID, making an argument for even more deadly vaccines. See: "The Coming Genocide of Adverse COVID Vax Reactions, and Who to Blame for It"

Dr Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months  - https://newtube.app/Believe_it/grmZBnm





Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000

In 1980 a granite monument was erected in Georgia, called the Guidestones. A set of 10 guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.




The first guideline goes as follows:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

The CIA officer Dr. Coleman revealed that one of their methods to ‘maintain humanity’ is to cause ‘organized epidemics of fatal rapid acting diseases’.

Using Vaccines to Reduce Humanity

During a TED talk Bill Gates echoed this goal, when he literally said that new vaccines can be used to reduce the world’s population with 10 – 15%!

‘There are now 6.7 billion people on earth and soon there will be 9 billion.  However, we can reduce that number by ten to fifteen percent if we do a good job with new vaccines, health care and birth control’. – BILL GATES, VACCINE DEALER


Mike Adams is a published food scientist, author of the popular science book Food Forensics and founder of ISO-accredited CWC Labs. Years ago he said the following:

"An engineered bioweapon will be released in population centers. There will be calls for massive government funding for the vaccine industry to come up with a vaccine. Miraculously they will have a vaccine developed in record time. Everyone will be required to line up and take this vaccine shot.

There is indeed a release of an engineered bioweapon, followed by a vaccine mandate, massive government funding for the vaccine industry and a vaccine that is being developed in record time.

The rest of his message is that this vaccine will slowly begin to kill millions - if not billions - of people over the course of a few years. It will be a kill-switch vaccine, designed to reduce the world's population".


Note that every single prediction of this pandemic was announced a few years or even months before it happened. The fact that such a historically unique event was predicted in great detail - by movies, shows, investigators, medical doctors, those who finance labs that develop these viruses, those who earn billions from these pandemics, those who want to create a whole new level of control in our world, etc. - shows it was planned.

So far we have looked at indications that the pandemic was planned beforehand. If it is indeed orchestrated, then that should also be obvious during the pandemic. A planned pandemic is also a controlled pandemic. Do we indeed observe that the pandemic is being manipulated? Absolutely. Posts on StopWorldControl.com reveal how literally every medical, scientific, governmental, educational and journalistic voice that differs from the media propaganda, is aggressively censored.

Never before in the history of humanity was there such a global censorship of medical doctors and respected scientists around the world.

Besides that, there is an unprecedented display of worldwide fraud with covid numbers. Literally every bit of information about COVID-19 is false. Medical personnel around the world has admitted that they are heavily pressured to register every single patient as a covid patient and every death - no matter the cause - as a covid death.

Look at the section on this website titled Covid-19 inflated Deaths.

You have seen the evidence for this outrageous claim on this website and there is more evidence at the link below.



We have been talking about a group of people who are called 'globalists'. So, who are these 'globalists' anyway? They are wealthy, influential people around the world who plan to create one global government. This will enable them to control every human being on the planet. Their strategy is to dominate every area of our societies: health care, food industries, media, governments, religion, everything.

Total world domination has been a diabolical desire of many powerful leaders throughout world history. Just think of the notorious world empires of Rome, Great Britain, the Persians, the Russians, and so on.

This perverse passion hasn't left the corrupt hearts of humanity, but the means to achieve this goal have changed. Instead of invading nations with tanks and bazookas, they now enslave humanity using the force of fear. Once they can create enough panic, they can present the 'solution'. This solution however means removing our freedom and submitting us to their control.

Main players in globalism are the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and especially the many private banks that basically control the world already. These visible entities are however just a facade, to hide the true powers, which are the many 'Secret Societies'. Many of these globalists recently gathered in an small town called Davos, in Switzerland, where they expressed how the pandemic will be used to deploy their plans.


Here are some of the statements they made:

‘Now is the historic moment in time, not only to fight the virus, but TO SHAPE THE SYSTEM.

The pandemic represents a window of opportunity to RESET OUR WORLD.

The world must act jointly and swiftly to REVAMP ALL ASPECTS of our societies and economies, from educational to social contacts and working conditions.

EVERY COUNTRY, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be TRANSFORMED.’

Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum

A major leader of globalism, is the World Economic Forum, founded by Klaus Schwab.

He created a ‘spinning wheel’ with all their objectives. On it we can see the following three ‘projects’: Covid19 followed by Global Governance, and Internet Governance.


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Nobody Wants These Organizations

Not a single human on the earth has voted for these organizations to even exist, let alone take full control of our lives, families, communities, jobs, health, industries, etc.

Yet they present themselves as our ‘world leaders’ who are planning our entire future.

The World Health Organization presents itself as the global boss over our health, without anyone of us having chosen for them.

They apply a tyranny in mainstream media and social media, where no expression of medical or scientific expertise is allowed, unless it is in line with the guidelines of this ‘World’ organization.

Tens of thousands of medical doctors and scientists have been censored all over the world, by Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Why? Because these social media giants state that ONLY what the World Health Organization says, is true.

All of humanity must submit to these people who have positioned themselves over all of us, without ever asking our opinion or even consulting with other medical experts.

In fact, every single medical expert speaking out against their decisions is censored.

This means complete loss of medical freedom, loss of freedom of speech, loss of true science, loss of true journalism and an imposing of dictatorships by organizations that nobody voted for, led by people nobody wanted and yet they simply seize ownership of our world.


The director-general of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-influenced World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is not a medical doctor and is a member of a Marxist-Leninist Ethiopian political party that analysts have listed as a perpetrator of terrorism.

The Department of Homeland Security clearly states:


“The TPLF qualifies as a Tier III terrorist organization… on the basis of its violent activities…”



As a member of the violent and powerful communist Ethiopian political party known as the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Tedros rose through Ethiopia’s autocratic regime as health (2005-2012) and foreign minister (2012-2016). Analysts, reportedly including American government officials, have listed the TPLF in the Global Terrorism Database.

When it came to power in 1991, TPLF was in the vanguard of that year’s overthrow of Ethiopia’s military regime under dictator Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam. TPLF played a role in Ethiopia’s 1980s famine a few years after launching its protracted rebellion against the military government in 1975. The party is also reportedly linked to other gross human rights violations.

Tedros Helped Indebt Ethiopia to China

Ethiopia has borrowed billions from China, reportedly including more than $13 billion during Tedros’ tenure as foreign minister between 2012 and 2016.


Let this get through to you: the man directing the World Health Organization is literally a communist terrorist, who has been involved in imposing communism on Ethiopia. That same man is now bullying the entire world, telling all of us what we can and cannot do, censoring every medical professional who has a different opinion, demanding blind obedience from all of humanity, while imposing mandates to be vaccinated by their number one financial sponsor: Bill Gates.

Is this the world you want to live in, from now on?

These globalists even threaten humanity with more suffering, if we don’t submit to their total control. Prince Charles recently joined the globalists and publicly stated:

“There will be more and more pandemics, if we don’t do ‘the great reset’ now”.


Bill Gates already calls this ‘pandemic one’ and is talking about ‘pandemic two and three’. The investigator who back in 2013 predicted a coronavirus pandemic to occur in 2020, followed by riots, said the plan is to create series of pandemics during 2020-2030.

This decade is the selected timeframe to turn the world into one big prison.

Globalists are planning to cause as many pandemics as needed, in order to break the backbone of humanity, until everybody submits to their global control. Mandating vaccines are key to their plan, because the vaccines will connect us to global control systems. Only the vaccinated will be able to move freely.


Are you beginning to understand why more than 700 medical doctors from Germany, 600 doctors from Spain, thousands of medical experts from the USA and many more all over the world are calling this pandemic a 'global' crime'?


Leaders of Catholic Church Warn Humanity

An archbishop and several cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church wrote a

letter to humanity, to warn us for global tyranny under the guise of Covid-19.

This is an excerpt of this historic message, that has been translated in many languages and was sent to leaders all over the world.

“We have reason to believe, on the basis of official data on the incidence of the epidemic as related to the number of deaths, that there are powers interested in creating panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedoms, of controlling people and of tracking their movements. The imposition of these illiberal measures is a disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control.”

This is not a doom and gloom scenario, but a wakeup call for humanity to stop blindly believing the mafia-media and perverse politicians, and rise up as one for a future of freedom.

The 2020 COVID-19 “pandemic” is very far from a random event that just happened to evolve the way it did. On the contrary, there is a huge wealth of evidence to show that the most monumental scam ever played on humanity by the governments of the world, was known to be coming long in advance. What the people of the world are being put through in 2020 is all about control and providing justification for introducing ever more tyranny into our daily lives. It was never about any “deadly virus.”

In this live presentation recorded in Birmingham, UK on 4th August 2020, Mark Devlin lays out some of the many references in both popular culture vehicles, and from actual documentation and real-life events, to prove to even the most hardened sceptic that COVID-19 was the ultimate psychological Plandemic.


“COVID-19, A Scamdemic and Staged Panic Contrived to Lock Down Planet Earth, Divide and Conquer Nations, and Enslave Humanity.  “Just like the state-sponsored 9/11 false flag operation was used to create the American National Security State, COVID-1984 is being carried out to foist a Global Security Superstate on the entire planetary civilization as a precursor to a One World Government. Every single move made by the New World Order globalist cabal during the execution of this staged pandemic and global psyop has been planned well in advance.  That’s because COVID-1984 represents the culmination of 100 years of bio warfare waged against the human race.  It’s not just a depopulation bioweapon as the 1918 Spanish flu was. Watch every twist and turn of this classic Problem-Reaction-Solution operation, especially as it’s falsely reported by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media.  Clock every NWO outcome, both big and small, as each piece fits perfectly into the pre-planned COVID-1984 puzzle.  That’s why it’s been memed the “Plandemic” … as well as a “Scamdemic”. The American people were always the primary target of this false flag bioterrorist operation and overwhelming psyop.  The New World Order globalist cabal knows that the American Republic must be destroyed if they are to successfully form a One World Government.  The ruling cabal also knows that the Global Control Matrix (5G + IoT = Smart Cities) must first be fully functioning if the Global Security Superstate is to be established. This is why the COVID-1984 conspirators have so recklessly concocted this transparent scamdemic and staged panic. They are so resolved to roll out 5G in order to start the planned build-out of the AI-run Internet of Things, which will then permit them to flip the switch on the Global Control Matrix.  Only then can the One World Government come out of the shadows since the emerging Global Security Superstate will provide their direly needed police protections and enforcement actions for the power elite and their tyrannical technocracy”.Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer - COVID-1984: ‘A Global 9/11’ to Inaugurate a Global Security Superstate - http://stateofthenation.co/?p=12003

“The latest gambit the Khazarian Mafia have been using it to try to trigger a war between the U.S. and China by telling the Americans it was the Chinese who triggered the “pandemic,” and telling the Chinese it was the Americans who did it. The big meme they are pushing in the West is that “All Trails Lead Back to the Wuhan Bio-Lab.”  In fact, the outbreak in China can be traced to the Wuxi Pharmaceutical Corporation in Wuhan, China.  But here is the interesting part, guess who owns Wuxi? It is the Soros Foundation.  If you go down the list of companies they own at the SEC database below, you will find it as Wuxi Pharmatech Cayman Inc. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1029160/000101143811000207/form_13f-soros.txt Maybe someone should compare the U.S. infection spread with his Wuxi American laboratory locations in Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, California, Minnesota, etc.” as the alert reader who sent us this information suggests. Of course, the Soros foundation is a front for the Rothschild family and other Khazarian honchos, many of whom are hiding in Switzerland, New Zealand, and the British Virgin Islands, among other places” - BenjaminFulford.net is a geopolitical news and discussion website from reporter and investigative journalist Benjamin Fulford.  Reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including the Yakuza, MI6, the Freemasons, the CIA, the KGB, Mossad, the triads, the Chinese government, Japanese military intelligence, etc.

“Apart from world wars, humanity has never been under such a threat.  There is a hidden occult agenda for this massive overkill.  There is no guarantee this bogus emergency will end May 1.  A hoax can be maintained forever.   Who has the power to send the whole world to their room? Only the world central banking cartel, the Rothschilds. Bill Gates is a cutout. His dad was their lawyer.  So far we've been operating on the assumption that the virus "will fade away" (Bill Gates' words) in a month or two. However, this scenario assumes that the Illuminati goal is simply monetary gain. They have a political agenda which is more important to them than money. They want total control. They want to leverage their monopoly over credit into a monopoly over everything.  In 1938, Illuminati insider Chaim Rakovsky told his NKVD interrogator that the central bankers created the Communist state as a "machine of total power."  In the past, due to many factors, "there was always room for individual freedom. Do you understand that those who already partially rule over nations and worldly governments have pretensions to absolute domination? Understand that this is the only thing which they have not yet reached.  In a disturbing 90 minute interview, Celeste Bishop Solum, who worked for FEMA for 20 years says their goals are 1.) Test and register the DNA of every American which will prove a gold mine for the pharmaceutical industry. 2. Force Americans to accept a cocktail of vaccinations, some of which will sterilize them. 3. Inject Americans with serums containing nanoparticles which fuse with human tissue and allow them to control and monitor with a computer. This is linked to the introduction of 5G. Essentially Americans will need a certificate called the ID2020 if they want to regain their freedom of movement. Only these people will be allowed to attend mass events, like NFL games. Presumably only these people will be able to work and support their families” - by Henry Makow PhD author of several books including The Illuminati – the Cult that Hijacked the World.

Henry Makow - “Communists always have a plausible excuse for their ruthless satanic agenda.  Time to grow up and face reality. The West has been totally subverted by a satanist cult of pedophiles installed by the Rothschild banking cartel. He who pays the piper calls the tune.  Our feckless ancestors handed over the national credit cards to our worse enemies, bankers who happen to be Freemasons (Cabalists, Satanists.)  Most of our political and cultural leaders are witting or unwitting shills for the Rothschild’s. They are traitors. The Rothschild's goal is to extend their monopoly over credit creation (currency) to a worldwide monopoly over everything: Power, Wealth, Culture, Thought and Behavior. We're talking about total control. This is the essence of Communism and the NWO.  The popular image of Communism as defender of the poor is nonsense.  Communism was financed by the Rothschild’s to blackmail plunder and destroy their rivals.  In 1938, Illuminati insider Chaim Rakovsky told his NKVD interrogator that the central bankers created the Communist state as a "machine of total power" unprecedented in history.  In the past, due to many factors, "there was always room for individual freedom. Do you understand that those who already partially rule over nations and worldly governments have pretensions to absolute domination? Understand that this is the only thing which they have not yet reached.  Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult that exercises tyrannical control over its members. It is the template for the totalitarian NWO.  The Rothschild cartel consists of Cabalist Jews and Cabalist Freemasons who seek to enslave us.  They turn reality upside down ('revolution.') Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, are all inverted. Satan replaces God at the apex. See Satanism Explained.  The Coronavirus panic was contrived by the media and fanned by politicians. Saying that millions could be infected is like yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre. Why should we trust these people?  They covered up the murder of 3000 Americans on 9-11. (I'm including Trump here.) They have run regular mass shootings and false flags: Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, Aurora CO.  Remember the 2014 "terrorist" attack on Parliament in Ottawa? The government and media were complicit. Yet we still trust these people?  They lied about JFK's assassination; Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and Al Assad gassing his people. Why do we believe anything they say?  The average age of Norwegian coronavirus deaths is 89.   99% of Italians had other ailments.  Our whole political and cultural edifice is rotten with these Satanists (i.e. Freemasons.) Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro. Trump is a Cabalist Jew. Merkel, Macron, Johnson are all Freemasons. They were all handpicked by the Rothschild’s.  Money - society's blood supply - is controlled by people who wish to bankrupt and enslave us. Our banks are promoting sodomy, migration and miscegenation. The banks control all corporations and media. This is key to understanding the current contrived panic.  A naked grab for more power would meet with resistance. That is why it is disguised as a pandemic. But what is the difference between martial law and medical martial law based on a phoney pandemic? None.   Yet medical martial law closely mirrors Communist/Orwellian tyranny. People are confined to their homes. They cannot travel or assemble to discuss their predicament. Mass surveillance to enforce "social distancing."   Drones ensure no one even goes for a walk.  Outside in France? Show your papers!  Food becomes scarce. Empty shelves. Lineups at supermarkets. They snitch on each other if they hear coughing. They are carted away and confined. They lose their livelihood and must depend on government for handout. Convicts are freed. Borders are sealed except to migrants.  Talk about total control. People can't even go to the cinema or sports events. They can't swim or play hockey because even recreation centers are closed. A man walking his dog in a park is fined $880.  Everyone in Miami Beach must wear masks. Paris bans outdoor exercise during daylight hours.  Stores cordon off aisles containing items deemed "non-essential." These include toys, entertainment, beauty supplies and sports equipment.  A Director of WHO says police may break into your homes and take away anyone they deem infected.  Cuomo urges the NYPD to be 'more aggressive' in breaking up funerals, large gatherings and people 'playing Frisbee in the park' as he raises fines to $1,000 for people who flout social distancing rules. Drones warn walkers to keep six feet apart.  In Santa Monica, a lone surfer is led away in hand cuffs.  In Pennsylvania a young woman was fined $200 for going for a drive, violating the governor's "stay-at-home" order.  Church services are cancelled. Hotlines are set up so people can snitch on their neighbors. In Colorado, a father is handcuffed for playing softball with his daughter in a park.  None of these edicts have anything to do with containing a virus -- real or imagined -- and everything to do with instilling the message: You Have No Rights.  They have sent humanity to its room; destroyed the economy, our livelihoods and made everyone dependent on government handouts.  It's time to call their bluff. This virus is fake news, much like Orson Welles' invasion of aliens. Like 9-11, and Saddam Hussein's "weapons of mass destruction."   It is a media creation. As Bill Gates admits, the purpose is to vaccinate and chip the human race.  We are not children. We will not be confined to our rooms.  We will not have our property stolen from us. We will not have our human rights abrogated. We must say: we would rather be sick. Their "cure" is a hundred times worse than their fake pandemic which is nothing more than the seasonal flu. We cannot trust their numbers. They take them out of thin air like our "money."  Clearly, the government has been subverted. It administers the ballooning debt which the central bankers create out of nothing. Anyone who legitimizes this coronahoax is a traitor. That tells you a lot about the current state of the world. This is a war against humanity waged by our "leaders" who are agents of the central bank cartel. They have no mandate to abrogate our fundamental human rights. If we don't defend them now, we will lose them forever.  I am hopeful the coronavirus threat will soon be outed as the hoax it is. It has already passed its apex in China. We need to find ways to resist the encroachment on our liberty, values, livelihoods and way of life. One way is to avoid hoarding and unite with our fellow citizens in a spirit of fellowship. I don't think our politicians and media will have a shred of credibility when this is over. Human beings are resilient and can recover from this.  But first we need to understand our predicament. Society is satanically possessed.  We are under constant occult attack from people who wish to destroy our way of life”Henry Makov Ph.D, Author of The Illuminati the Cult that Hijacked the World - https://www.henrymakow.com/2020/03/pandemic-disguises-communist.html

Testimony of Russian ex-Military Intelligence Officer on Coronavirus Depopulation Agenda

The Coronavirus Agenda is exposed in this revealing interview with an ex-Russian military intelligence officer.  The interview shows this was recorded on March 25th, 2020. Vladimir Kvachkov (Russia) is a Colonel of the GRU (Military Intelligence Officer), a public figure, with a PhD in military science and leading researcher for the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

In the interview Kvachkov was asked, considering his expertise, what does he make of the coronavirus phenomenon?  His reply was:

"It’s exactly this perspective that you need to examine it from. Not from the public health perspective, nor epidemiology, etc. The coronavirus phenomenon that they falsely deem a pandemic needs to be examined from the perspective of global powers. Religious, political, financial, economic and national. The coronavirus phenomenon, the so-called pandemic – and let me tell you, there’s no pandemic, it’s all a lie – needs to be considered as a global, strategic special operation. This is exactly how you need to think of this thing. These are command and staff exercises of the world’s behind-the-scenes powers on controlling humanity. This is what the goal of this coronavirus is. I’ll repeat it once again. We have little faith in God and even less so in the existence of Satan, the enemy of the human race. So, the aim of the behind-the-scenes Zionist and financial powers is reducing the world’s population. It’s their idée fixe. They think there’s too many of us ordinary people in the world. There should be around 100 million of their kind and a maximum of 1 billion people on Earth to serve them. Then they’ll be living in abundance here on Earth. Because, us the people, the earthlings – there’s too many of us for the behind-the-scenes world powers.  This is why the coronavirus and the financial crisis that has emerged almost immediately – they’re inextricably tied to one another. The aim is to stop people’s movement around the world, to curtail political freedoms. In political terms, it would be practically impossible to do all that. There are differences in constitutions. Whether they’re being implemented or not – that is a different question. However, there are some political rights that people are accustomed to and they believe they theirs to have forever.  The first attempt to take away those rights from people happened on September 11th, 2001. Not many seem to remember that, after the so-called attack on WTC towers, Pentagon and White House in the USA, the global war on terrorism was declared. Let’s remember, in order to understand what the coronavirus is now, let’s analyze that first attempt – the declaration of war on humanity that was disguised as a war on terrorism. That was 19 years ago. The behind-the-scenes world powers created the events of September 11, 2001. Now they need another excuse for greater control and takeover of humanity. That’s how they came up with the coronavirus. Basically, to put it this way, that’s not a pandemic, not an epidemic. Even now, I literally looked at the data this morning, 300 people in the world die from it daily. You can imagine what kind of scale this is. Of course, I’m sorry about each person who dies, but 300 people across 7.5 billion people – that’s basically nothing. These command-and-staff exercises of the behind-the-scenes world powers have an aim to limit different political rights and make people afraid. The fools are already grabbing food in shops here. Millet, buckwheat, etc.  The goal is to scare people. Once again, these are command-and-staff exercises of the behind-the-scenes Zionist and financial liberal world powers with the aim of limiting the political rights that people are basically accustomed to having, especially in Western Europe. That’s their second goal.  The first goal is to reduce the population numbers on Earth. That’s their Satanic goal.  The second, political goal of the behind-the-scenes world powers is to seize power.  The third goal is related to finances and power over the economy.

It’s a complete financial bubble. It needs to be deflated. FRS, the Federal Reserve System, literally some days ago, that was in February, I think – they introduced a zero percent interest on deposits. Now, in many countries, it’s even a negative interest rate – that is, you deposited 100 dollars and you get 90 or 95 dollars. But at least you’re still going to get it. So, we’re already getting negative interest rates on deposits. So, that wealth has to be deflated. How will it be deflated? Again, through this artificial international … we see the economy has crashed, it’s clear, accordingly – we can’t meet your domestic demand like we did before, you need to tighten your belts.

Now is a very important moment. Note, it allegedly started in China. Even though the Chinese are now adamant and report that the coronavirus was created artificially. It has an artificial origin – it’s been proven scientifically already. Of course, in every virus, seeing that it’s the simplest kind of microorganism – as far as I remember – mutations can happen, but they’re of an accidental nature. And when you take the RNA molecule, not DNA – they have RNA – and there’s a part of the genome that’s clearly been carved out and another one inserted in its place – and this happens 3 or 4 times … It is perfectly obvious that the Chinese scientists have figured this out – it was artificially created and purposely spread, initially in Wuhan. They had 2 kinds, 2 viral strains. Okay now. And what about Italy, what happened there? How come a strain that is even more dangerous that the Chinese one suddenly appears in Italy? I think now they have a few thousand infected and around 1000 have already died. But again, 100x more people die in Italy from flu, pneumonia, scrofula and hepatitis. But we don’t talk about that. Instead, we are being served special political information propaganda, psycho-informative propaganda. Special psycho-informative operation of the world globalist mass media that is serving the behind-the-scene Zionist liberal powers that are creating this terror right now." – Interview from Vladimir Kvachkov (Russia) is a Colonel of the GRU (Military Intelligence Officer).

Below is a link to the video.


The following article is titled - Truth Over Fear: Covid-19, The Vaccine, And The Great Reset by Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

The pseudo-pandemic gives us the picture ... of a ... disturbing criminal conspiracy hatched by misguided minds...

It must be recognized that the apparent illogicality of what we see happening - the boycotting of preventative treatments, erroneous therapies, ineffective vaccines, lockdowns with no usefulness, the use of masks that are absolutely useless - makes perfect sense as soon as we understand that the declared purpose - defeating the alleged pandemic - is a lie, and that the real purpose is the planning of an economic, social, and religious crisis using an artfully provoked pseudo-pandemic as a tool.

Only in this way can we understand that the simultaneity and [universality] of the provisions adopted by various Nations, the aligned narration of the media, and the behavior of political leaders.

There is a single script under a single direction, which makes use of the collaboration and complicity of politicians and rulers, doctors and scientists, Bishops and priests, journalists and intellectuals, actors and influencers, multinationals and bankers, public employees and speculators. Profits and gains are instrumental to this, because they purchase and assure the loyalty of subordinates, but this war - may be never forget this! - is an ideological and religious war.

Masonry consists precisely in usurping the primacy of God to give it to Satan, with the apparent pretext - which is in any case erroneous and immoral - of placing God and Satan on the same level in such a way as to allow an alleged freedom of choice that morally does not exist.

This crisis serves to create the conditions necessary to make the Great Reset inevitable, that is, the transition from the world based on Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity to a world without of course, what we see happening today before our eyes could have been understood and predicted for years, if we had only paid attention to what the theorizers of the Great Reset declared with impunity.

In reality those who denounced this plan, which is currently underway, were called conspiracy theorists, ridiculed, or passed off as crazy, ostracized by mainstream information and criminalized, driven out of university professorships and the scientific community.

Today we understand how far-sighted were the alarms that were raised, and how powerful is the organizational mechanism that has been put in place by our adversaries. In the name of freedom, we have become accustomed to seeing ourselves deprived of the right to speak and to think, and the effort to pathologize dissent in order to legitimize detention camps and to constrain movement based on the health passport is already taking place.t a soul, without roots, without ideals.

Faced with reality, however, it is difficult to understand the reason for which the entire world population has allowed itself to be convinced of the existence of a pandemic virus that has yet to be isolated and that it has supinely accepted limitations to personal freedom that at other times would have led to revolution and barricades in the streets.

Even more incomprehensible is not so much the absence of a true and proper social and political reaction, but the inability to see reality in all of its crude evidence. But this is due, as we know, to the scientific action of manipulation of the masses that inevitably led to the phenomenon that social psychology calls "cognitive dissonance," that is, the tension or discomfort we feel in the face of two opposing and incompatible ideas.

Ordinary people, unable to comprehend or even recognize any rationality in what the media obsessively says about Covid, accept the absurdity of an influenza virus presented as being more devastating than ebola, because they do not want to accept that their political leaders are lying shamelessly, with the goal of obtaining the social, economic, moral and religious destruction of a world that someone has decided to cancel.

They do not know how to accept that the lie can be passed off as truth, that doctors are not curing and indeed are killing their patients, that civil authorities are not intervening to stop crimes and blatant violations, that politicians are all obeying a faceless lobby, that Bergoglio wants to demolish the Church of Christ to replace it with an infernal Masonic parody.

Thus, out of this desire to not accept the deception and thus to not want to take a position against it and against those who promote it, they take refuge in the convenient mainstream narrative, suspending judgment and letting others tell them what to think, even if it is irrational and contradictory.

Billions of people have voluntarily made themselves slaves, sacrificial victims to the globalist Moloch, allowing themselves to be persuaded of the inevitability of such a surreal and absurd situation.

There is, however, an element that the conspirators have not taken into account: human weakness on the one hand, and the power of God on the other... A little bit at a time, this clay-footed colossus will collapse, inexorably, on its own lies and its own crimes.

In the face of the evidence that there is no pandemic and that the deaths were deliberately caused to exaggerate the effects on the population, we must consider Covid as a scourge, not in itself, but for all that it has revealed: the plan of Satan for the establishment of the New World Order, which is meant to lead to the reign of the Antichrist.

The Lord shows us, with the severity of a Father, that He still wants to admonish His children and misled humanity about the consequences of sin. He shows us what world awaits us if we will not know how to convert, abandoning the way of perdition and returning to Him, to obedience to His holy Law, and to the life of Grace – by Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop March 25, 2021


Carlo Maria Viganò, (born 16 January 1941) is an archbishop of the Catholic Church who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016. He previously served as Secretary-General of the Governorate of Vatican City State from 16 July 2009 to 3 September 2011. He is best known for having exposed two major Vatican scandals. These were the Vatican leaks scandal of 2012, in which he revealed financial corruption in the Vatican, and a 2018 letter in which he accused Pope Francis and other Church leaders of covering up sexual abuse allegations against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick.