Follow the Money

If you’ve been wondering how the world economy has been hijacked and humanity has been kidnapped by a completely bogus Covid narrative, look no further than this video by a Dutch creator.

What she uncovers is that the stock of the world’s largest corporations are owned by the same institutional investors. They all own each other. This means that “competing” brands, like Coke and Pepsi aren’t really competitors, at all, since their stock is owned by exactly the same investment companies, investment funds, insurance companies, banks and in some cases, governments. This is the case, across all industries. As she says:

“The smaller investors are owned by larger investors. Those are owned by even bigger investors. The visible top of this pyramid shows only two companies whose names we have often seen…They are Vanguard and BlackRock. The power of these two companies is beyond your imagination. Not only do they own a large part of the stocks of nearly all big companies but also the stocks of the investors in those companies. This gives them a complete monopoly".

Laurence Douglas Fink is an American Jewish billionaire businessman. He is the chairman and CEO of BlackRock, an American multinational investment management corporation. BlackRock is the largest money-management firm in the world with more than $6.5 trillion in assets under management, giving the firm enormous power over the global financial system.

Vanguard Group, coincidentally, is a shareholder of Black Rock, which controls and manages 1/3 of the world’s capital.  Vanguard Group, coincidentally, is owned by the Jewish trillionaire Rothschilds, as seen in the link below.

A Bloomberg report states that both these companies in the year 2028, together will have investments in the amount of 20 trillion dollars. That means that they will own almost everything.

Watch the video for facts and evidence about the global control of Black Rock and Vanguard.  The video was created by Dutch researchers and their website is:


The Rothschild central banking cartel bought this pandemic with a mountain of money created out of thin air and charged to future generations, if there are any.  Everyone involved in perpetrating this hoax has been bought and paid for.

Everyone involved in perpetrating this hoax has been bought and paid for.

Medicare pays US hospitals between $13,000 and $50,000 for a covid admission.

Hospitals getting covid money.JPG

Another $39,000 if the patient is put on a ventilator and $13,000 after they kill them.

Hospitals get money ventilator.JPG

No wonder families are accusing hospitals of murdering their relatives

Hospitals kill covid patients.JPG

Pfizer said it expects to make up to $36 billion this year (2021) from its COVID-19 vaccine, which is now the highest-selling drug in the world.

Pfizer 36 billion.JPG

The US has spent $6 trillion on the covid response. But just so you don't notice, they bought the US mass media.

The $6 trillion the US spent on the covid hoax is the same as all the wars waged by the US since 9-11.

This is appropriate because, like 9-11, all these wars were also boondoggles designed to enrich the already filthy rich.

Their ultimate goal is to rob us and leave us to die in a ditch.

But it will happen so slowly, you won't notice.


Needless to say, some of this lucre has been used to bribe politicians. Politicians have resigned in disgrace in Australia and Austria.

In 2012, Pfizer admitted to bribery in 8 countries.   A leopard does not change its stripes.

Pfizer Admits Bribery in Eight Countries


Indian Television Exposes How Pfizer Bullies and Blackmails Countries for COVID Shots – ‘Desperate Countries Force To Make Humiliating Concessions’


Planet Lockdown Director James Patrick: COVID-19 pandemic is being run by central bankers

Big Pharma is corrupt

In the video below the usual suspects own Big Pharma. 

How come a Jewish minority wields so much power? 

Where is the diversity in the ownership of Big Pharma? 


These are the ones responsible from all the thousands and millions dying and suffering from the Covid vaccines worldwide?

Rothschild, the Zionist Oligarchy and Big Pharma. The Jews own it.

This contains the ownership data for nine Zionist owned pharmaceutical companies; Regeneron, Pfizer, Moderne, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Glaxo Smith Kline, Gilead Sciences, Novavax and Cansino biologics. People must understand that the same small cabal of Zionist billionaires are the majority owners of all of them. Our governments are throwing billions of dollars at these companies to come up with a vaccine for Covid 19. A totally unnecessary vaccine and one that will take the lives of many who receive it. AstraZeneca's vaccine has already killed one of the volunteers who agreed to take it. I seriously doubt if Mr Rothschild or Mr Gates or any of the investors in AstraZeneca gives a shit.

Everything surrounding the Covid 19 virus gets more sinister every day. I seriously doubt if Donald Trump ever had Covid 19, in fact I'd go so far as to say it was all the political ruse to drum up some sympathy for the big orange idiot.

It is alleged that Donald Trump received an experimental polyclonal antibody cocktail in order to overcome the virus. This cocktail is made by Regeneron and Regeneron is majority owned by Rothschild and the Zionist oligarchy. Remdesivir, the hellishly expensive antiviral treatment, that Trump bought the entire supply of for America and the next two batches, is made by Gilead pharmaceuticals, owned by the same people.

Regeneron’s shareholders are given below but before we get to that, here are the top 10 Asset managers in the world again.


These are truly gigantic corporations and Rothschild and the Zionist are among the major shareholders of all of them.

1- BlackRock, $7.45 trillion - Important to note that BlackRock has just merged with the US Federal reserve, which of itself is majority Rothschild/Zionist owned. It's merger with the Fed creates a super entity owned by the Zionists and the American/world oligarchy. Americans are now in debt to this crowd to the tune of 27 ½ trillion dollars. Absolutely criminal.

2- Vanguard, $6.2 trillion

3- Charles Schwab, $3.52 trillion

4- State Street Global Advisors, $2.81 trillion

5- JPMorgan Chase, $2.73 trillion

6- Fidelity Investments, $2.56 trillion

7- Allianz, $2.19 trillion

8- Capital Group Companies, $1.86 trillion

9- BNY Mellon, $1.7 trillion

10- Amundi Asset Management, $1.59 trillion


From the article: During President Donald Trump's treatment at Walter Reed military hospital, he received an experimental polyclonal antibody cocktail created by the US biotechnology company Regeneron. Israeli researchers have rolled out an antibody cocktail touted as potentially superior to that of Regeneron's, the antibody therapy Trump received, The Times of Israel reported.

Regeneron pharmaceuticals Inc: major institutional shareholders.


BlackRock Inc

Vanguard Group Inc

Capital World Investors

State Street Corporation

Wellington Management Company LLP

Loomis Sayles & Company LP

Polen Capital

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Nuveen Asset Management, LLC

Capital Research & Mgmt Co - Division 3

AllianceBernstein L.P.

Geode Capital Management, LLC

Bank of America Corp

Harris Associates L.P.

Northern Trust Corp

T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.

American Century Companies Inc

Renaissance Technologies Corp

Sands Capital Management, LLC

It is neon bright obvious that those who created this virus and unleashed it on the world did so with the expectations of making stupendous profits from its treatment and an eventual vaccine. There is still some speculation that the virus does not even exist and this whole pandemic has been a media driven con. For the record, the Western media is majority Zionist/Jewish owned.

Every year in America up to 66 million people get the flu virus. Most of the time that's a coronavirus. Almost everyone on the planet would have antibodies to coronaviruses; we evolved with them over the past 2 ½ million years. Each year about 5 million Americans are hospitalized with the flu and around 100,000 people, plus or minus, die as a result of pneumonia or other complications.

At this stage I'm prepared to state that there is a doctored coronavirus doing the rounds. I believe it has been engineered to be more infectious, not more lethal. It's been reported that it contains elements of HIV and Ebola to make it more infectious. It's makers needed it to spread incredibly rapidly in order to terrorize the world, such that governments would willingly borrow more money from their central banks which are all of course owned by Rothschild and the Zionists. The national debts of Western countries have all taken a gigantic leap upwards in the past year, so too have the profits of the top 10 asset managers. I do not believe this is coincidental. On top of that it has been reported as of last month that the oligarchy pocketed something in the order of $662 billion, since the pandemic began.

As it stands, this flu season is turning out to be relatively mild. Every year millions die from the flu around the world and that's just a part of life. The elderly, the infirm and the immunocompromised are highly susceptible to influenza viruses and pneumonia is the most common cause of death.

The world should never have been shut down because of this flu virus and each day it becomes more clear that it has been a highly coordinated attempt by the oligarchy to terrorize the public with a view to making trillions through the online retail corporations they own; eBay and Amazon in the main. Both have reported skyrocketing profits as people are forced to use these online retailers due to these totally unnecessary lockdown measures.

The most damning aspect of all of this has been the false inflation of death statistics. They have all been factored upwards as a result of spurious testing methods. The tests will pick up exposure to coronaviruses simply because most people in the world have had a coronavirus at some stage in their lives. There are still question marks about the viruses isolation. Many have said it has not yet been isolated and yet we have Russia with a working vaccine already and China reported early on that it had isolated the virus. On the flipside the CDC has come out and said it does not have isolated virus samples.

The prospect of collusion between all the major governments, is a very slim possibility but personally I struggle to lend that thought much credence. It doesn't mean I'm right but I just can't see the Chinese government in bed with Rothschild.

The damage caused as a result of the lockdowns has been enormous. Tens of thousands have died because of them, not because of any virus. Tens if not hundreds of millions of people have lost their jobs and their homes. Some 70 million people in the United States have been reduced to using food stamps to survive and homelessness is rising by the day. Banks are foreclosing on those who cannot pay their mortgages and you can bet your last dollar this was planned in advance. The banks will make hundreds of billions of dollars out of this ruse. As we know most of the private banks are Zionist owned. I would add to this that millions of unemployed Americans have now exhausted their allotment of unemployment benefits. That means millions of Americans are going to be turned out onto the streets with nothing. The US government is not moving to end the plight of unemployed Americans, it appears to have just abandoned them. 

What Covid 19 has done is prove that our governments are not the highest authorities in our lands. They answer to a higher authority, Rothschild and the Zionists. In 1959 the reserve bank act of Australia was passed and gave control of Australia's money to Rothschild and handed him the license to print the currency, which he does through Note Printing Australia.  This type of legislation could only have been passed by rank corruption within the government and every government since has been party to it.

It is very clear in Australia, that the government is doing what it is told. It is very clear that the Western majors; the UK, Canada, France, New Zealand, America are all in the same boat. It is painfully clear that Donald Trump is subservient to and obeys Jacob Rothschild and the Zionist oligarchy. He paid Gilead an exorbitant amount of money for the entire stock of Remdesivir, and has frequently plugged this drug as the preferred treatment for Covid 19. (the FDA has just come out and announced Remdesivir to be a frontline treatment.) So far, Trump has facilitated the transfer of hundreds of billions of dollars to Gilead, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Glaxo Smith Kline, Novavax, Sinovac, CanSino Biologics and Pfizer. Again these gigantic corporations are majority owned by Rothschild and the Zionist/world oligarchy. They are the major players in the massive, massive pharmaceutical industry.




The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan, Wuhan National Biosafety Lab, is owned by GlaxoSmithKline and George Soros (Jewish Billionaire).

Glaxo coincidentally also merged with and owns controlling stakes (68%) in the company Pfizer, which is provides one of the C0VID-19 vaccines.

Pfizer coincidentally manages the finances of a company called Black Rock. Black Rock coincidentally also owns stakes in both Pfizer (8%) AND AstraZeneca (6.8%), another company currently key in developing a C0VID-19 vaccine.

Laurence Douglas Fink is an American Jewish billionaire businessman. He is the chairman and CEO of BlackRock, an American multinational investment management corporation. BlackRock is the largest money-management firm in the world with more than $6.5 trillion in assets under management, giving the firm enormous power over the global financial system.

The CEO of Black Rock, coincidentally, has a strong commitment to re-shaping the future of finance in light of coming climate risk and policy, and has “joined with France, Germany, and global foundations to establish the Climate Finance Partnership”.

BlackRock, coincidentally, has a partnership with Thomson Reuters, a multi-million dollar multi-national media conglomerate.

Thomson Reuters, coincidentally, has created a branch within its editorial department to “Fact Check” information on social media.

Black Rock also coincidentally manages the finances and the Open Foundation Society of George Soros.

George Soros coincidentally manages the interests of the German branch of Swiss founded company Winterthur Group.

Coincidentally, Winterthur was bought out and merged with French multi-national insurance firm Axa in 2006.

Axa, as it happens, created The Axa Research Fund in 2008 and funds hundreds of research projects in research laboratories around the globe each year.

Winterthur, prior to Axa acquisition, built the Chinese research laboratory that was accidentally bought by the German company Allianz

It just so happens Allianz has had a branch in China since 1917, and has engaged in several partnerships, including forming one with the CITIC Group owned by the People’s Republic of China, and being a founding partner of the Canada China Business Council.

Allianz, coincidentally, is also linked to Chinese Beijing based firm, Mabworks.

Mabworks, coincidentally, was a company which played a crucial role in developing a cure for Ebola in 2014.

Coincidentally, the 2014 clinical trials for Mabworks were funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Mabworks, coincidentally, is the same company that Chinese Scientist Dr Qui provided research for whilst working for the Canadian government.

In 2014, coincidentally, Dr Qui replicated research and a drug (ZMAPP) created in the National Microbiology Lab in Canada to treat Ebola (without authorization), and handed it over to Mabworks who put it in the hands of the Chinese military.

Coincidentally, Dr Qui is currently under investigation by the RCMP for potential intellectual and pathogen theft.Dr Qui, coincidentally, is the Chinese scientist who set up and then trained staff for the level 4 Wuhan National Biosafety Lab at the epicentre of the C0VID-19 outbreak.


Allianz is coincidentally owned by corporation giant Vanguard Group.

Vanguard Group, coincidentally, is a shareholder of Black Rock, which controls and manages 1/3 of the world’s capital.

Vanguard Group, coincidentally, is owned by the Rothschilds.


Rothschild & Co is the parent company of Rothschild Group which operates in Financial advisory, Wealth and Asset Management and Merchant Banking activities. Revenues break down by activity as follows:

- financial advisory (61.7%): advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, strategy and financing (restructuring, private debt and capital markets);

- private banking and asset management (26.4%): EUR 76 billion in assets under management at the end of 2019;

- private equity and private debt fund management (10.5%): EUR 14 billion in assets under management;


Vanguard Group, Allianz and Black Rock, coincidentally, are the top Institutional Shareholders for a company called Novavax.

Novavax, as it happens, was another key developer for an Ebola vaccine in 2014, and is currently also involved in the development of a C0VID-19 vaccine.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, coincidentally, funded the clinical trials for the Novavax Ebola drug.

Novavax, coincidentally, has experienced a 71% jump in share values since they began developing a C0VID-19 vaccine.

Allianz, one of the Institutional owners of Novavax, has coincidentally partnered with Microsoft to “digitally transform the insurance industry” and work together on various health-related initiatives.

Coincidentally, Black Rock is also a major shareholder of Microsoft.

Microsoft is owned by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates also happens to be a major shareholder of Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Novavax.

Novavax, Pfizer and AstraZeneca have all received hundreds of millions in funding towards vaccine research from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Coincidentally, since the development of the C0VID-19 vaccine began, the net worths of Novavax, Pfizer and AstraZeneca have all skyrocketed – funding these companies is a sound investment.

In late 2019, coincidentally, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201- a pandemic exercise that simulated a global virus outbreak.

Coincidentally, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also funds a UK based organisation called Pirbright Institute.

Pirbright Institute, as it happens, is over 100 years old and has transformed from a bovine tuberculosis testing station into one of the UK’s leading virus diagnostics and surveillance centres – at the forefront of global virus research.

Pirbright Institute, coincidentally, has held the coronavirus’ patent since 2015 – on June 19, 2015 a patent application for the live coronavirus was filed by the Institute, and it was approved on Nov 20, 2018.

Bill and Melinda Gates, coincidentally, when they are not leading scientific coalitions on coronavirus vaccine research, are firm believers in population control.

Bill Gates is currently the World Health Organisation’s largest financier.

The World Health Organisation leads the world response on global pandemics.

But of course – this is all just a big coincidence right?

Lockdowns serve two purposes, one to keep people in fear so that they will accept the vaccines and the second is to destroy the middle class and small business so that the large corporations can get richer.  The collective wealth of America’s 651 billionaires has jumped by over $1 trillion since the beginning of the COVID-19 Plandemic.


Out of the top 10 American billionaires 5 of them are Jewish.


In 2020 the mega rich grew unimaginably richer. Meanwhile, millions of other people lost their jobs, houses, and were left homeless and starving.  In just nine months, since March 2020, 651 US billionaires added $1 trillion to their wealth ($1000, 000,000, 000).  According to Oxfam, eight of the richest billionaires in the world own as much as the combined wealth of 50 per cent of “the poorest half of the human race”.


The collective wealth of America’s 651 billionaires has jumped by over $1 trillion since roughly the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to a total of $4 trillion at market close on Monday, December 7, 2020.

The total net worth of the nation’s 651 billionaires rose from $2.95 trillion in March 2020—when the pandemic shutdowns began—to $4.01 trillion in the first week of December 2020, a leap of 36%.  The combined wealth of the top 10 billionaires now amounts to more than $1 trillion.

The total wealth of all US billionaires today is roughly $4 trillion. This is almost double the $2.1 trillion in total wealth held by the bottom half of the population, comprising 165 million people.

As tens of millions of Americans suffer from the health and economic ravages of this pandemic, a few hundred billionaires ADD to their massive fortunes. Their pandemic profits are so immense that America’s billionaires could pay for a major Covid relief bill and still not lose a dime of their pre-virus riches. Their wealth growth is so great that they alone could provide a $3,000 stimulus payment to every man, woman and child in the country, and still be richer than they were 9 months ago.

Nearly 67 million lost work between March 21 and October 7, 2020.

—  20 million were collecting unemployment on November14, 2020.

— 98,000 businesses have permanently closed.

— 12 million workers have lost employer-sponsored health insurance during the pandemic as of August 26, 2020.

—  Nearly 26 million adults have recently reported that their households are without sufficient food to feed their families.

—   2.4 million adults—1 in 6 renters—reported in November that they were behind in their rent.

But hey the virus is more important right?  Even though the average age of a covid death is 82 and 99.7% of the people recover from covid.


When Congress passed the $2.2 trillion-dollar Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (known as ‘CARES’) in late March 2020, glib assurances were given that this was to be a relief package for the poor—for those, in fact, who needed help the most during these extraordinary times of mass unemployment and economic hardship. ‘Egalitarianism’ was the stonking polysyllabic word the uneducated masses were proud to add to their vocabularies. It told them what they needed to hear: “You are not going to starve! You will not be made homeless! Your nice, kind, caring government is going to look after you and send you generous checks so that you can pay all your bills and keep your heads above water!”

Unfortunately for the masses, the opposite turned out to be the case.

The rich corporations, the affluent executives, got most of the $2.2 trillion handout. The poor got next to nothing. They were left to starve and commit suicide.


Let us look at the links between the world banks and the Pharmaceutical companies.

Most Americans believe the Federal Reserve is owned by the government. It is not. It is a cabal of private banks created and controlled by the Rothschild’s.  These are some of the major Rothschild banks that own the Federal Reserve: Bank of America; JPMorgan Chase; Wells Fargo and Wachovia; Citibank; PNC Bank; Bank of New York Mellon; US Bank; HSBC Bank; Goldman Sachs. Other families who own the Federal Reserve include Rockefeller, Kuhn Loeb, Lehman, Goldman Sachs, Warburg, Lazard and Israel Moses Seif. 

Strange how all those families are Jewish except Rockefeller.

The Federal Reserve controls the printing of America’s currency, and then charges the US government interest on those loans.  The interest is growing each year (23 trillion), making it difficult if not impossible for the American government to pay it.  How do American’s pay this interest? By the US Personal Income Tax. This tax goes to the Rothschild family.  American’s did not pay income tax until 1913, the year the Fed was illegally created on Jekyll Island.

These same banking families also own the major oil companies: Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, BP Amoco and Royal Dutch/Shell.  These oil companies then reaped the rewards by taking over the oil reserves in Afghanistan and Iraq after Rothschild’s intelligent agencies (Mossad, CIA, and FBI) had instigated 9/11 to bring about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  If you think Bill Gates ($100 Billion) is the richest person in the world then you need to think again, that’s just loose change for the Rothschild’s.  It is difficult to estimate exactly how much the Rothschild Family are worth. Higher estimates have placed it in the region of $100 trillion USD, making them by far the wealthiest family on Earth.

Novartis International AG is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland, ranking number one in sales (57.9 billion US$). Novartis owns 33.3% of Roche. Roche is one of the top sellers of Oncology (cancer) drugs.  Among its products Novartis produces vaccines and Chemotherapy drugs.

Wells Fargo & Company (Federal Reserve) is an American international banking and financial services holding company.  It is the third largest bank in the U.S.  In February 2014, Wells Fargo was named the world's most valuable bank brand for the second year running.  Wells Fargo & Company owns over 7 million shares in Novartis as does Bank of America.

Dodge & Cox has by far and away the most shares in Novartis with over 40 million shares. But who has the most shares in Dodge & Cox?  It is the same companies again. Bank of America has most shares in Dodge & Cox with 5 million, Wells Fargo & Co 3.7 million, Goldman Sachs 3.5 million, Bank of New York Mellon 2.5 million shares. All of these banks are part of the Federal Reserve.

AstraZeneca is a British–Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company.  AstraZeneca acquired US Company, MedImmune for about $15.2 billion to gain flu vaccines and an anti-viral treatment for infants. In 2015 AstraZeneca also acquired ZS Pharma for $2.7 billion. In fact, AstraZeneca has acquired over 15 other companies since it was formed in 1999.  These companies make huge profits from selling these vaccines to governments.  As of 2008, David Brennan was paid $1,574,144 for his role as chief executive officer (AstraZeneca).  AstraZeneca manufactures Crestor which is one of the world's leading statins, with global sales of more than $5billion (£3.4billion). AstraZeneca made pre-tax profits in 2015 of £3.07 billion. 

The main shareholders in AstraZeneca are Wells Fargo & Company, JP Morgan Chase & Co, Dodge & Cox and Bank of America.  As you can see this is a recurring theme now.

Another pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline reported a 4 per cent rise in annual turnover to £23.9billion. Profits jumped from £3billion in 2014 to £10.5billion in 2015.  FMR LLC own over 20 million shares in GlaxoSmithKline worth nearly 1 billion.  Fidelity Management & Research Company (FMR) is a US investment management company and has assets worth a whopping $2 trillion.  Wells Fargo & Company owns just over 11 million shares worth nearly $500 million in GlaxoSmithKline.

Other companies who own shares in GlaxoSmithKline include Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of America Corporation, Goldman Sachs group Inc., Royal Bank of Canada and JPMorgan Chase & co.

GlaxoSmithKline produces vaccines for HPV (Cervarix), Hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Flu, among many others.

Monsanto, the company behind genetically modified food is owned by various companies but the biggest shareholder is the Vanguard group which consists of, yes you guessed, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs etc. Also George Soros (Rothschild Zionist) own 500,000 shares in Monsanto as does Bill Gates.  George Soros is the man who “broke the Bank of England” on Black Wednesday in 1992 and is one of the top thirty richest people in the world, and a political activist who is of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry, holds dual citizenship in Hungary and the United States, and self-proclaims as a philanthropist, while contributing massive funds to eugenics programs and population control through toxic food and toxic vaccines.  Soros also funds ($33 million) race hate groups (to stir up racial unrest across America) such as the Ferguson protest movement, after the death of Michael Brown and BLM and Antifa. 

It is the globalist bankers who are behind the Green Agenda, Climate Change, the Great Reset, Agenda30 and Covid-19.

The Great Reset is here: Follow the Money by F.William Engdahl – a strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics

“The top-down reorganization of the world economy by a cabal of technocratic corporativists, led by the group around the Davos World Economic Forum– the so-called Great Reset or UN Agenda 2030– is no future proposal. It is well into actualization as the world remains in insane lockdown for a virus. The hottest investment area since onset of the coronavirus global lockdowns is something called ESG investing. This highly subjective and very controlled game is dramatically shifting global capital flows into a select group of “approved” corporate stocks and bonds. Notably it advances the dystopian UN Agenda 2030 or the WEF Great Reset agenda. The development is one of the most dangerous and least understood shifts in at least the past century”.

The following article is from:


The Global Power Structure behind OPERATION COVID-19 & COVID KILL SHOT Exposes Itself

NWO Pyramid.jpg



Multiple Crime Waves of COVID-19 Bioterrorism,

the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda and

COVID-1984 Implementation Plan

Could Only Be Executed Worldwide

Via a Highly Organized and Complex

Global Criminal Conspiracy Supported

by Every Major Government, NGO,

Scientific Research Institution,

Fortune 1000 Company,

College & University,

and Secret Society

on the Planet


Really, is there any NWO globalist entity not participating in CORONAhoax?!

Above the peak of the pinnacle of the world power pyramid exist those ultra-secret societies which really do rule the entire planetary civilization via their obvious proxies, as well as their well concealed institutional and individual agents.  Those carefully hidden power brokers who operate above the peak of the pyramid are, therefore, not included in the following list of Covid criminal co-conspirators.

The Illuminati,

Black Nobility,

Khazarian Mafia,

Kahal Of the Cahilla,

Knights of Malta,

Society of Jesus,

Order of the Garter,

The Pilgrims Society,

The Vatican,

British Crown,

Committee of 300,

Crown Council of 13,

NWO Globalist Cabal,

Central Banking Cartel,

World Economic Forum,

International Banking Syndicate,

Deep State(s) of Western Powers,

Global Military-Industrial Complex,

Council on Foreign Relations,

Trilateral Commission,

Bilderberg Group,

Trilateral Commission,

and Zio-Anglo-American Axis


It’s now clear that the myriad unnamed Covid perpetrators, along with their countless criminal co-conspirators, were all enlisted by the top decision-makers who quite purposefully launched OPERATION COVD-19 in 2019.

Follow the Money


It’s true, isn’t it?  Whoever controls the Mainstream Media effectively controls the world.

And, whoever controls the money, controls the Mainstream Media.

Hence, whoever controls the Central Banking Cartel and International Banking Syndicate controls the money and the media.

Therefore, all any Covid Plandemic investigator needs to do is follow the money in order to understand the true depth and breadth of this ongoing Covid international criminal conspiracy.  For it could only have reached such epic proportions through an immense amount of funding from both governmental and banking sources.

What’s the critical point?

THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC could never have been carried out, and effectively covered up, unless the entire global power structure was acting in perfect coordination; and the preceding entities were seamlessly collaborating with each other throughout the numerous international Covid crime sprees.

Most importantly, none of those NWO globalist entities could function for even a single day without the regular funding and financial support of the (i) Central Banking Cartel (e.g. Federal Reserve, Bank of England & Bank for International Settlements), (ii) International Banking Syndicate (e.g. HSBC, BoA, Citibank, Deutsche Bank and other Rothschild & Rockefeller Controlled Banks), and (iii) the largest multinational investment management corporations such as BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

The stark reality is this: Greasing the wheels of the enormous COVID-19 juggernaut was made very easy once worthless fiat money became the new paradigm in 1973.   After freely floating fiat currencies replaced gold-backed money in that year, Central Banks such as the U.S. Federal Reserve System were essentially free to print money out of thin air as they have done with wanton abandon since the turn of the millennium.

So, think about it: all the Covid perps had to do was sufficiently pay and/or bribe every co-conspirator to carry out their missions within the vast and convoluted Plandemic scheme.  And so they all have!   For once they accepted the payola and bribes, they knew they could only leave the reservation on pain of death…or worse.

Look at how much American hospitals alone were given to either classify every patient as a COVID-19 case ($13,000.00) and/or put them on a harmful ventilator ($39,000.00).  All of this funding and more was ultimately made available by the globalist banksters who know that the US taxpayers are on the hook for it.

The bottom line here is that with unlimited funds, secret societies working in concert with governments and corporations can stealthily conduct any type of globalist black operation that serves the New World Order agenda. 


The list of transnational criminal entities shown above all have the same interest of locking down planet Earth as never before; and protecting themselves from an increasingly angry public.

The rapidly widening gap between the 1% and 99% has grown so large — at the expense of the hurting middle class — that societies everywhere have reached a breaking point.  Hence, The Powers That Be did not care how many trillions that had to be thrown at both OPERATION COVID-19 and COVID KILL SHOT. 


All that matters to the power elite is that COVID-1984 is fully up and operational post-haste.

Their immediate objective is to establish a long-planned One World Government headquartered in Jerusalem along with an enforcement arm—a Global Security Superstate.  Only in this way, under the guise of total Covid control worldwide 24/7, will such a totalitarian regime run by the burgeoning tyrannical technocracy be capable of neutralizing any and all threats to the ever-fearful “Global Power Structure”.


Now, in order to guarantee themselves successful outcomes with regard to all of their nefarious schemes, they engineered the Covid game plan as an Extinction Level Event (ELE) as follows:

Now, here’s what these inconceivably brazen, desperate and reckless Covid criminals meticulously planned out in advance with great attention to the malevolent details.

1) First, the Covid perps quite stealthily and strategically launched a series of bioweapons across the planet in major metro areas where the military deployment of 5G had taken place throughout 2019.

2) Then, they purposefully labelled the sophisticated bioweapon — SARS-CoV-19 — in order to mislead governments everywhere as well as to confuse and confound the international healthcare community.  It’s not a coronavirus and has never been isolated scientifically; but is more likely a mix of different pathogenic micro-organisms that includes a bacterial, parasitical and/or viral component.

3) Next, they knowingly distributed a highly defective COVID-19 PCR Test Kit that was guaranteed to give numerous false positives as well as false negatives.  Those kits were mysteriously stockpiled around the world for rapid dissemination prior to the first release of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China.  The long contaminated nasal swabs were also used to either vaccinate the test victim or transmit COVID-19 to them.

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4) In the meantime, the top controllers of this extremely complicated bioterrorist operation were determined to prevent any COVID-19 treatment plans, remedies and/or protocols from being approved by any government on Earth.  There has never been such a highly coordinated campaign to dismiss proven treatments for a deadly contagion in world history.

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5) By quickly and effectively banning the use of successful medications for COVID-19 throughout the world community of nations, they set the stage for fake vaccines to be developed and administered in record time.  The various injections, shots and jabs contain gene-altering capability and have multiple detrimental effects on the human bio-organism having nothing to do with the prevention of COVID-19.

6) The various highly experimental Covid injections, each of which has a undisclosed different purpose, were manufactured prior to the manmade pandemic that began in January of 2020.  They were then distributed to pre-selected nations to be administered to certain bloodlines in order to produce, as yet, unknown adverse effects.

7) In spite of an extraordinary death toll and rate of vaccine injury caused directly by the Covid shots, the global mainstream media (MSM) was directed not to report that vital data to the general public.  Instead, the MSM has been used to trumpet the fake success of the ‘vaccines’ and sell them to every person on the planet like there’s tomorrow.


8) In this way, unaware and uninformed folks were deceitfully coerced and compelled to receive an unapproved ‘vaccine’ that was categorized as “Emergency Use Authorization” ONLY.  This universal pattern of deceit — “vaccine by uninformed consent” — was integral to the roll-out of vaccination programs worldwide.

9) Even children are now being jabbed with the exceedingly dangerous and deadly COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ with many of them experiencing heart inflammation, among other serious symptoms and medical ailments.  The often fatal blood clot only become more evident by the day as do other serious adverse effects that are occurring after vaccination with increasing frequency.  All the while, the MSM reporting on the real risks remains virtually non-existent.

10) Particularly throughout the early stages of this pre-planned pandemic, the standard medical response was not to issue treatment guidelines for COVID-19 prior to hospitalization.  This immense institutional failure is completely without precedent in both scope and magnitude.  Deliberately withholding vital treatments and appropriate medications was the real linchpin in this plan to commit genocide.

11) Once a hospitalization occurred, the medical protocols which were routinely administered became the primary cause of death, not COVID-19.  Physicians around the world complained as never before in history that the medical treatments were a HUGE part of the problem; and certainly not part of the solution.  The planned result was a culling of the global population via medicide whereby iatrogenic death (and Covid illness) has occurred in record numbers.

12) Just like the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, it has clearly been the premeditated medical response that is responsible for the high mortality rate among the elderly and those with multiple comorbidities.  Back in 1918, it was the deadly combination of aspirin and morphine that contributed to the deaths of upwards of 100 million people worldwide.  Today, both ventilators and heavy sedation have been systematically utilized in hospitals to kill countless COVID-19 victims.

13) Everything points to a similar genocidal playbook being used in 2020 and beyond in the interest of depopulating the planet and bringing the Covid-vaccinated under complete control.  The crucial issue here is that only 10% of vaccine deaths and injuries are normally reported, so we know that the COVID-19 mortality rates and Covid injection injuries are actually much, MUCH worse than being reported.

The preceding list of examples of gross medical malpractice, criminal acts of governmental negligence and nefarious schemes perpetrated by the WHO, B&MGF and Big Pharma, especially the catastrophic roll-out of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, confirms the transparent intent to commit global genocide.  This NWO cabal-conducted black operation and sinister psyop also demonstrate the strong intention to carry out the stealthily unfolding of the GREAT RESET (a global implementation plan to enslave humankind) in the wake of the Covid manmade catastrophe.


Hard data proves Big Pharma knew covid vaccines would worsen and prolong the pandemic