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Dr. Mike Yeadon interview on Planetlockdown

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, where he worked for 16 years. He outlines his position on the pandemic, the vaccine, the issue of variants, boosters and the loss of our civil liberties. It is truly an appeal to the world

“Everything about the virus, everything your government has told you to do to stay safe is a lie, that includes lockdowns, masks and asymptomatic transmission. It is all about control. The PCR test is completely fraudulent. Governments often tell white lies but when they lie to you about something technical, something you can check and they do so repeatedly and they do it over many months of the same event, please you have got to believe me they are not telling the truth and if they are not telling the truth then there is something else afoot and I am here to tell you there is something bad happening and if you don’t pay attention you will soon lose any chance of being able to something about it. What the government are telling about covid variants is nonsense. Any covid variant is only different from the original by 0.3% or to put it another way it is 99.7% identical to the original covid which will not escape your immunity. When governments tell you that variants are a threat to your health you should know they are lying. You have been subjected to propaganda and lies by people who are very well trained in how to do that. Don’t say you weren’t warned because I have been warning people as hard as I can and as best as I can. When it gets to the point of a vaccine passport you will have lost your chance to take your freedom back, it will be gone forever” Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer

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