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Fed up with the covid lies and propaganda from mainstream media and government then read the Light!

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

What is The Light for?

To anyone not under the spell of the world’s regimes and the billionaires’ NGO’s directing their policies, it is quite clear the press/media are not doing their job. In fact, not only are they failing to hold Governments, corporations and individuals to account by exposing their corruption, lies and crimes, they are actively involved in helping the fraud and operations being perpetrated against the unsuspecting general public.

The Light is a new monthly publication which will put that right; we will report the news from across the UK and the rest of the world that is either being unreported (propaganda by omission,) or told from the point of view of those it is reporting on, thus making the majority of their output meaningless press releases for those committing crimes against the people on a daily basis.

The Light launched their first issue in the week ending the 27th of September 2020.

In these days of online censorship and a complete lack of questioning scrutiny in most of the mainstream media, The Light is a new print publication that is distributed across the country by an independent network, and aims to tell the news from Britain and abroad as it happened, without the constant propaganda aimed at perpetuating the myths and deceptions by which people are being controlled.

It is one battalion in the war of information that is taking place, even though most are unaware - despite every channel, broadcast, newspaper, politician and celebrity/ world figure seemingly all being of the same mind and on the same message, many may not realise this is the very essence of propaganda - the complete omission of any event they don't want people noticing (such as tyrannical legislation being enacted,) and the lack of any public dissension from the company line - when you do see it, they somehow run out of time and the interviewee gets cut off. Control the message, control the thought and therefore actions of the population. Modern dictatorship.

We'd had enough, so decided to start a real offline Truthpaper that no one can censor or stop people reading. Although we are only on our 3rd issue, by early next year we will be printing 100,000 copies and more each time, due to the incredible enthusiasm, dedication and graft of the hundreds of people involved, and the generosity of those who want to help us on our quest to wake enough people up to stop the coming total technocratic tyranny.

Backdated copies of the Light newspaper can be downloaded directly from their website


Below the Light Edition from October 2021

Life inside Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and much of Europe has become a DYSTOPIAN nightmare. IF it were Russia, China or North Korea, there would be talk of sanctions from the UK government over the unlawful behaviour of police and governments in many Commonwealth and European countries.

Many residents cannot socialise, meet up or otherwise enjoy normal life, without fear of being excluded, arrested and beaten. News is heavily censored and behavioural psychology (mass mind control) is widespread, leaving populations hypnotised and unable to deal with simple, verifiable facts.

Mandatory mask-wearing is the norm, even when outside, often along with having a reason for being out – inmates are allowed one hour of exercise per day – and many must show the necessary papers, with police assaulting, arresting, shaming, fining or imprisoning those who refuse to go along with the insane authoritarianism. Protests are met with brutal force – people have been pepper-sprayed and shot with rubber bullets for daring to question government policy, in so-called free democracies. Travellers from abroad, including those returning to their homeland, are quarantined and treated like prisoners at their own expense, with a massive new facility at Wellcamp in Queensland with 1000 beds being built.

Read the full article in the Light Edition from October 2021

October 2021-Light-13-Final
Download PDF • 32.64MB

Below the Light Edition from September 2021

If there is such a low risk of children dying from covid-19, why is there such an urgency to get the experimental mRNA injections into them?

September 2021-Light-13-Final
Download PDF • 29.03MB

Below the Light Edition from July 2021

Topics covered include:

Climate crisis' faulty science, Orwellian censorship, Masks do more harm than good, Beware big brother blockchain, Don't vaccinate children ask health professionals, NHS guilty of horrifying experiments, Another Clinton suicide, Scam of green energy

Download PDF • 43.72MB

Below the Light edition 10 from June 2021

Topics covered include:

The Nurse Who Does Ask Questions, How Money Is Created, Scientists Find Pollutants In Masks, Is There Power In The Unions, Indian Crisis Due To Vaccines, Project Veritas, CDC Sued By Universities, Jam For Freedom, Veggie Pantry, Smallpox Debunked

The-Light-10-Final june2021
Download PDF • 24.97MB

Below the Light edition 9 from May 2021

Topics covered include: Vaccines cause mass NHS worker sickness, 10 steps to mass mind control, Who the policing bill is for, Green agenda undermines energy security, Truth Pursuit, China's belt and road, Ivermectin, Is sugar a chemical weapon?

Below the Light edition 8 from April 2021

Topics covered include: What Is An mRNA Vaccine? Worldwide Freedom Rallies, Whatever Happened To Rock And Roll? Climate Change Fraud, What A Cashless Society Would Mean, Tanazanian President Dies, Colonel Gaddafi, Right Said Fred

The-Light-Issue-8-FINAL April 2021
Download PDF • 28.07MB

Below the Light edition 7 from 18 March 2021

Topics covered include: The New Abnormal - NHS Whistleblower, Letter From 2030, Flu Eradicated by Covid, Nutrition Pull Out, Self-Destructive Big Tech, Dangers Of Fluoride

The-Light-Issue-7-Final March 2021
Download PDF • 34.20MB

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