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Watch the powerful new documentary's COVIDLAND: THE LOCKDOWN- Parts 1-3

Updated: Jan 23

Episode 1 of the COVIDLAND Mini Series, with a special introduction and outro from film narrator and producer Alex Jones.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic under the pretence of a novel coronavirus that they falsely claimed had a death rate of 3.4%. More than 190 member countries of the WHO imposed lockdowns, putting most of the global population under strict martial law. Unscientific lockdowns proved to be a lucrative business model for the global elite, expanding their wealth by $5 trillion dollars and adding one new billionaire every 17 hours throughout the year. Meanwhile, the World Bank says that as many as 124 million people went into “extreme poverty,” the first time to increase in decades. Were lockdowns justified? The official data for 2020 does not show a statistically relevant increase in aggregate deaths. Instead the global population increased by 1.05%! This first episode of the Covidland series, The Lockdown, exposes the fraud behind the COVID numbers and explores the economic repercussions and human cost of lockdowns that will echo for generations.

Below is Part 2 of the documentary Covidland!


They want us to believe that a coronavirus became a massive threat to humanity – a deadly pandemic that targeted people older than the average life expectancy age who were already dying of pre-existing comorbidities. Without a true health crisis, the social engineers and behavioral scientists knew that a ploy was needed to make their invisible pandemic seem like a reality.

Masks became a powerful visual reminder for everyone, a way for all to publicly participate in the hysteria and further condition the public for mindless obedience. The medical establishment has long known that surgical and cloth masks essentially offer no protection from viruses. Masks can not only lower your oxygen intake to unhealthy amounts, but they can raise your CO2 intake to dangerous levels, causing severe harm.

Anthony Fauci is now on mainstream news promoting face coverings for all children from the age of two! Kids worldwide are being forced to wear masks for extended periods at daycares and schools, on the bus, even during outdoor recess and sports activities, despite the evidence that masks are ineffective and children are not at risk. We must understand both the physical and psychological damage that masks have on our kids and put an end to the barbaric practice of masking children.

It is time to see the mask for what it is: A dirty rag. A face diaper. A symbol of bondage. A publicity stunt of behavioural science. And a denial of your health. Having free access to breathe the air should not be up for debate. The health, well-being, and sanity of our children depend on it.

In the second Episode of Covidland, The Mask, we will hear from doctors and subject-matter experts familiar with the regulatory code for workplace safety and the proper use of face coverings to understand the truth about face masks.

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