Covid-19 Truth Websites


Below are 3 great websites’ if you want any template letters for declining the vaccine at work or refusing to wear a mask and some letters for schools.

Click on this link to Download Covid vaccine letter to medical professionals and employers.

The above link is from


Click on the link below to download letter templates for Care Workers to decline the Covid Vaccine as well as many other letter templates


Below download a letter template for care workers from Employment Solicitors PJHLaw

For Our Children

Covid Jabs Without Parental Consent

Is your child’s school promoting Covid-19 vaccination for children aged 12 years and over? Are you are concerned that your child could receive the jab without your consent while at school?


Lawyers for Liberty can send a formal email to the headteacher advising them of the legal risks of their policy.

This service is:


  • Anonymous – neither your name nor your child/children’s names will be mentioned in the email to the headteacher.

  • Free – Lawyers for Liberty is a voluntary campaign group aiming to restore human rights and civil liberties.

All you need to do is fill in our form with your name and email address; the name of your child’s school; and the name and email address of the school’s headteacher.

We will then email the headteacher (you can download the email text here) letting him or her know we are writing on behalf of a concerned parent.


Preventing Covid-19 Vaccination of Children

Eighteen months into the pandemic, it is clear that children’s risk from COVID-19 is statistically zero.  A recent study by University College London and the Universities of Bristol, Liverpool and York showed that the risk of an otherwise healthy child dying with COVID-19 is 2 in 1 million or 0.0002%.

COVID-19 vaccines are still in Phase 3 trials in adults, so there are still no data on their long term effects, either in terms of efficacy or harm.  The data on short term harms show worrying signs, including fatalities being reported at 28 times the rate seen on a per dose basis for influenza vaccines.

The case for rolling out an experimental medical treatment to children who stand to gain no direct benefit from it would appear to be weak at best.

Documents to hand into schools can be downloaded below.

You can download a free copy of my book below, titled ' Covid-19 the Lies and the Fraud - and What May Follow'.

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